Domestic Violence: Present is in dark but we always hopeful for future

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shashank trivedi Fri, 10/07/2016 - 21:11 Domestic Violence, Crime against women

In India, women face many problems in daily life. The main cause of most of the problems is gender inequality. India is at 132th place among 187 countries in UNDP reports in case of gender inequality. It  is  very shameful  condition of  our  country because  we say  our self  “The  greatest  democracy  of the world”. Women feel unsafe not only public area but at home also.
Domestic violence is an integral part of Indian women’s daily life.  65%  Indian men  believe  that  women tolerate  violence to keep  the  family  together . Many women abused, beat or sexually assaulted by husband or any other family members at home. In such cases women do not go to police station for complain against relatives because degradation of family.
Domestic violence happens in many ways. Few of them listed below

Dowry system –Dowry system in India is an edition in which women harass very much .There is a strong link between dowry system and domestic violence. In this case, at the time of marriage, the side of groom demands some gifts from the bride side. Sometimes demands are such huge that it’s almost impossible to fulfill by bride’s family. In this situation husband and his family members begin to trouble to women and ask her to bring money from her parents’ home otherwise they abuse and beat her. In India  8233,8083,8455 cases were  registered  of  dowry deaths  in  2012,2013,2014 respectively. Uttar Pradesh is no.1 in whole country in dowry related harassments case with 74,048 cases. Madhya Pradesh and Bihar are at 2nd and 3rd place after Utter Pradesh. According to Dowry Prohibition act 1961 taking and giving dowry is a punishable act and people got punished also under this act but such cases are still going on and several of its non-reported.

Thinking of Men towards women- Mostly men think that they are more powerful, hardworking and intelligent than women and this kind of mentality make cruel to men. Because of such thinking on very small issues they start to beat his wife. In such cases most of women do not go to police station and also their family members do not take a strict action against violence. In some cases men beat women after drinking alcohol. So In India most of the cases of domestic violence do not have any specific type of reasons behind it but it is a bitter truth that these cases are very far from the pages of Police stations .For this mentality of men, women also responsible because they do not raise voice against this kind of violence.   

Sexual Assault- Marital rape is one of the worst part of domestic violence but least reported in India. According to Indian law marital rape is not crime except during the period of marital separation of partners. According to the Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) considers the forced sex in marriages as a crime only when the wife is below 15 so marital rapes is not a crime in our country. The marital rape victims have to take recourse to the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 (PWDVA). The PWDVA, which came into force in 2006, outlaws marital rape. However, it offers only a civil remedy for the offense.
Domestic violence is like a hell for the women because most of the women tolerate it because of degradation of family. Women die to several times in their life being live because of domestic violence .We should  consider that a women make good home and society and if they would in trouble by the domestic violence type of problems ,what would  be to our society and country .Many women are committed  suicide  because of domestic violence and many are killed .Because of the domestic violence the children of the families effected badly and their growth also effected ,these kind of children always remain  with some mental problems and in some of them go  in criminal activities.

Because of domestic violence women are also troubled by health issues as internal organ injury, unwanted pregnancy, Headache, Asthma, Maternal mortality and other serious health issues.
We should think that ability is not depending upon gender, Women are not behind from men in any ability, and they are as able as men. So the participation of women in society would increase the success rate of country and decrease the pressure on men and we if want to all of this we have to solve our domestic violence type of problems because these problems like stones in the way of our success.

For the conciliation of domestic violence we would have to improve our police system and also found to more and more women police station that’s why women can go to police station and complain more frankly. Under NRHM program some women are appointed to select out pregnant women in rural areas and bring them hospital, it was a successful plan so we can appoint some women like them and we have also Aaganbadi program we can improve it   and make it irregularity free and it would become very fruitful against domestic violence and these women should take report of home to home from all women and submit this report to women police station.
Besides it we should create an ideological environment against domestic violence and it should be done not from government side but also by society.

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