Poverty 'A state of mind'

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shashank trivedi Thu, 04/14/2016 - 02:56 Poverty, Poor, Hunger

In this picture we can see both shades of India, one side there are some good apartments, where rich people live but another side we can see some poor people are living in these slums, we can proud of those apartments and buildings that we have developed but should ashamed equally that in our country many people do not have home, food, medicines.
 It’s good that in our country people live in such apartments, have cars and a good life to live but it is important that what they think about poverty and poor because they have got a good life and able to help poor. 
They should help poor persons in such way as when in family a person well settled then it is his duty to assist other family members to settle their life.
  A rich person should think that in which building he is living that was prepared by a poor person; many daily workers are poor but without their help a rich person cannot live his good life.
 we can blame our governments that our government have not done enough work to decrease poverty but actually we should think that what we think about these poor ,what we feel when we see a family which does not have home ,food , drinking water, medicines.
   I think in our country there is no good thoughts about poverty .Most of rich people in India are double stranded, they see a poor with a bad sight, they have no respect about poor but they also want that government should do work to remove poverty, they are able but they think that it is not their duty to help poor.
 i have discussed about  thinking of a rich person about poor ,now i would like to raise some points why governments become unsuccessful. Because in politics 90 % people is of rich category ,when these kind of people join governments they applied their own ideology about poverty ,they think whatever they are doing is much and a poor person will get enough from their policies.
 But during the implementation process it reaches very less to direct beneficiaries. Corruption is the biggest stone in the way to remove the poverty and kind of mentality which i have explained in last paragraph is most responsible for corruption .
We have no ideology to remove poverty, we have no willpower to remove poverty, we do only showoff that we are doing something.
Most of the people think that corruption will remove by institute like "LOKPAL"but i think we can't do something without willpower to remove corruption. Every person who has abled to help the poor should help him. Think what we can do for them.
We can't leave such serious issue only on government because a nation is not only of government. It’s our duty to think about the problems of our country.
At the end i would like to say that still we have time, we should change our thinking about poor. We should respect for them then we can change our government’s policies. We can force government to do more effective work for deprived people.

(Shashank Trivedi is a columnist and political analyst. The views expressed are personal. He can be reached at s.shashanktrivedi@gmail.com)

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