Born and brought up in West Bengal it is no surprise that Sonnet had lots of inspiration from the city of Kolkata especially in his early days of writing. Widely published and translated in over ten languages all over the globe, Sonnet has taken his poetry to an international audience at a very young age. One of the significant contributions of Mondal to the world of poetry is The Enchanting Verses Literary Review that comes out both as a print and online magazine devoted only to poetry and poets. Sonnet also got special mentions in the bulletin of foreign affairs of Macedonia for a cultural exchange through poetry between Macedonia and India.
Sonnet who recently read in an India special evening in Slovakia will present lectures, poetry readings and participate in panel discussions at an international meeting of poets in Istanbul in Mid December organised by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This meeting which is co-hosted by Zeytinburnu Municipality will host Sonnet’s events in four separate halls in the city of Istanbul.
Sonnet has earlier read at several major International events at Macedonia and Nicaragua. Before this, in April 2015 Sonnet read at the Uskudar international Poetry Festival in Istanbul.
About touring the poet says — journey with poetry is like touring with the immortal winds which have all nostalgia, aspirations, murmurs and hope locked in its vaporous image.
In February 2016 Sonnet’s poems in Slovenian translation were aired at the Public Radio and Television Network of Slovenia in a program called Literary Nocturne. Most recently Sonnet was announced as the winner of the 2016 Gayatri Gamarsh Memorial award for literary excellence in English category. The award recognized Sonnet for brilliant and multilayered interplay of ideas and imagery in his poetry. Gayatri Gamarsh Awards are given each year since 2010 to an English and a Bengali author from nominees whose for poems, stories or articles have appeared in any North American literary magazine of repute.