New Delhi, May 2 (IANS) Residents of national capital heaved a sigh of relief as heavy downpour brought down the mercury levels by almost 14 degrees instantly.

The Met recorded a 13.4 mm rains around 7.30 pm in Safdarjung (the average of Delhi) and 2.8 mm in Palam.

"Gurgaon saw heavy rains as compared to Delhi and Noida, but almost every place in Delhi received rainfall, which bought the temperatures down," a Met official told IANS.

Delhi and several other regions in north India were expected to receive showers on Wednesday night, followed by light showers on Thursday. On Tuesday too, states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and Punjab had received significant rains.

The easterly winds coming from these rainfed states resulted in four to five degrees drop in Delhi's temperature on Tuesday morning. But despite that Tuesday remained pretty warm all through the day, with temperature ranging from 38 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Through traffic congestion around central Delhi, with soaring price of cabs, did play spoil sport, people however appreciated the rains -- a much needed relief, especially at time when Delhi's temperature was hovering around 40 degrees.

"The weather is good, there was slight congestion from ITO towards Laxmi Nagar, but it's fine, the rain is after all big relief," says Alok Kaushik, a banker based in Delhi.

According to Delhi Police's twitter handle, a bus broke down near Jaitpur turn, causing obstruction in traffic in the carriageway from Ashram Chowk towards Faridabad. Other places saw moderate traffic.

"The rains was a great surprise though suddenly the Connaught Place became more crowded because people took shelter in corridors. The rains stayed for almost half an hour, which was sort of need of the hour," said Ankita Sharma, a homemaker from Delhi.

The dust storm, prior to the rains, also played spoilsport.

"It was nice but the dust storm before that created mess. Had it rained a bit earlier it would have been better. I am now cleaning my house," Swati, a research scholar at IIT-Delhi, told IANS.