New Delhi, May 29, Delhi Police Special Commissioner Sanjay Singh on Monday said that citizens should take simple steps to ensure security as there can't be a cop or a closed-circuit television at every nook and corner.

"People buy a car for Rs 10 lakh and, without a security guard or alarm, park it outside their house and someone steals it. What do we do?" he asked while speaking at the Delhi Security Summit.

"These days there are alarm systems to prevent car and house thefts, but how many of us are using these gadgets?" the Special Commissioner asked.

The officer said they receive around 28,000 PCR (Police Control Room) calls a day, as against only 770 PCR vehicles at Delhi Police's disposal.

The number of PCR vans has to be tripled to reach all the spots on time, but there are budgetary constraints, he said.

The summit conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) focused on issues and opportunities in the security sector and innovative solutions.

Sanjay Singh also talked about servant verification and urged people not to be totally dependant on police.

"Instead of complaining, people should try to be a part of the solution," he added.

CII Delhi chapter Chairman Rahul Chaudhry said the event aimed to provide a holistic discussion on security and introduce people to the latest tools/gadgetry in security.

"The summit is the first of many planned and it is a platform for people to know about security manufacturers which work on community and corporate security," he added.