New Delhi, July 4, A Nigerian national has been arrested for selling marijuana and illicit liquor, and six foreign nationals, including two minors, have been held for not having valid travel documents, police said on Tuesday.

The police raided an apartment in Krishna Park area of south Delhi on Monday morning and arrested Justice Anylkwa, 26, of Nigeria.

The police also recovered 980 gram marijuana, 204 cans and 210 bottles of beer, eight bottles of liquor and Rs 45,930 in cash from his possession.

Six other foreign nationals -- Margret Am Mukoya, 41, from Kenya, and Thangod Chinedu, 27, Amara Bendicta Moumecha, 35, and Livinus Anoliefo, 36 -- all from Nigeria and two minors -- were held from the same building for not possessing valid travel and visa documents.

Anylkwa also failed to produce valid travel and stay documents.

Police said that prima facie it did not look like others were involved in illicit activities with Anylkwa.

All foreign nationals were medically examined and later handed over to the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) Delhi for deportation.