Jalaun (Uttar Pradesh), Feb 20, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday accused non-BJP parties of not developing Bundelkhand region in Uttar Pradesh and said all of them are "two sides of the same coin".

"Among all Indian states Uttar Pradesh is in the worst condition. No development has taken place in Bundelkhand since dependence," Modi told an election rally in Orai area here.

"It is not because the people of the region are not skilled, but it is all due to the kind of the government you people elect," he thundered.

"You people elected a government, MLAs and ministers who have destroyed the region and this is visible everywhere.

"Whether it is Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party or the Congress, they are two sides of the same coin."

The Prime Minister promised to develop the area and said: "If we come to power, we will set up a Bundelkhand Development Board."

The Bundelkhand region, which covers seven districts of southern Uttar Pradesh bordering Madhya Pradesh, will see the fourth phase of assembly election on Thursday.