New Delhi, Sep 24, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday thanked External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj for acknowledging the Congress governments' contributions in nation building while his party said she gave Prime Minister Narendra Modi "a lesson in history" and should give him tutorials.

"Sushmaji, thank you for finally recognising Congress governments' great vision and legacy of setting up IITs and IIMs," said Gandhi on Twitter.

Congress spokesperson Ajoy Kumar said: "Sushma Swaraj is an educated minister. We are happy that she taught Prime Minister Narendra Modi a lesson in history. Had Modiji read the history books, he would have known the facts that IITs, IIMS and ISRO were set up during COngress' time.

"We would want to thank her again for that. But, we would also request her that when she returns she should give a tutorial to Modi on India's 60 years."

On BJP reaction that Gandhi's comment proves that he thinks only about dynasty, he retorted: "The problem with BJP is the inability to understand the Congress' contribution."

In her address at the UN General Assembly on Saturday, Sushma Swaraj complimented the previous governments, including those of the Congress, for helping to build India.